Event Talent Management

GPS Tracking

Control all your event assignment and coordinate talent professionals from your smartphone using our mobile app. Charismatic GPS Talent Tracker lets you know in real time when your talent arrives on-site and when they complete the activation. Most effective during large-scale campaigns when you cannot physically be present at every location – this lets our Booking Agents monitor large scale/multi-market events in real time from our central command center.

Portal Login/Recapping

Post Activation: Charismatic Agency requires the Talent to populate a customized recap form and upload photos to the portal at the end of the event while they are still on site. This helps to ensure you collect the relevant data needed in the timeliest manner possible and will further determine the effectiveness of each promotion! Our system will automatically upload all data to be retrieved by you from your own user console.

Data Capturing Technology

Our proprietary and cutting edge technology will not only connect the customer to the brand but you can now track impressions, capture data and gain valuable feedback through each and every interaction. We capture personal data-Name, Email, Date of Birth, and more all get captured and stored on your personal user console!