Case Studies

Staff Requested

*Team Leads, Market Managers and Brand Ambassadors

Our Solution: A brand training for all staff was conducted to increase excitement, knowledge and comfortability of the brand. Events were scheduled weekly for 6 month durations in order to allow consumers to become more familiar with the brand and gain new customers. With our direct marketing and strategic approach to interacting with consumers, our model staff had increased bottle sales of Courvoisier cases (750ml) within the off-premise circuit by 45% in the 1st 6 months.

With such great sales success it was then beneficial to share the same systems across 6 more major cities to further excite consumers on the New packaging and furthermore begin the Courvoisier momentum once again Nationally. Courvoisier also has a growing presence in the experiential and corporate realm which allows for a broader outreach.

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Staff Requested

*Lead Generation Staff /Trade Show Talent

Our Solution: With a new product it was imperative to understand the brand image and the target market. The lead generation veteran coordinated a rotation plan, according to the booth location, in order to maximize the staff reach of attendees. There was also an electronic app used to keep track of leads per hour gained by each staff member which created a fun competitive atmosphere throughout the day. Each staff member captured 30-40 leads per hour over a 4 day show along with maximizing the capabilities of the lead generation app.

BSU Enterprises were able to organize the leads captured along with building their relationships globally. Within the following month more than 50 product orders were confirmed and another 100 were in pending status. BSU continues their efforts to reach customers nationally and Charismatic Agency continues to provide them with charismatic lead generation staff to help create an engaging environment to reach their target market.

Maximize your lead capture and gain customers globally with our experienced staff.

Staff Requested

*Product Trainers/Territory Managers

Our Solution: Product Trainers were hired to contact wireless device providers in various major markets to later schedule management trainings. Our trainers provided in store managers/staff with the latest aspects of the accessory line along with what’s to come. Mock demonstrations, sales tips and more were integrated within the training to increase the success of a customer interaction.

In-store staff and managers were able to excite customers and increase sales by 45-50% within 5-6 months. The managers and staff felt more comfortable speaking on the latest aspects of the brand while using sales tactics learned during the training.

If it is important to your brand to keep up with the trends/ product releases and make sure that the managers/staff is ready to excite consumers upon its arrival, reach out to us right away for a custom quote.